Demystifying PACE Financing: What You Need to Know

PACE Financing

Property Assessed Clean Energy – PACE financing is a unique mechanism that allows property owners to finance energy-efficient upgrades to their buildings. It is designed to promote renewable energy adoption and energy efficiency improvements in residential and commercial properties.

How PACE Financing Works

PACE financing is repaid through property assessments over a set period, typically ranging from 5 to 25 years. The financing is secured by a voluntary property tax assessment, which stays with the property upon sale and is repaid alongside property taxes.

Key Benefits of PACE Financing

Eligibility Criteria for PACE Financing

Not all properties qualify for PACE financing, and eligibility criteria can vary by jurisdiction. Generally, properties must meet certain requirements related to ownership, property type, and the nature of proposed improvements.

Types of Projects Covered by PACE Financing

PACE financing typically covers a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, including:

Considerations Before Opting for PACE Financing

Before committing to PACE financing, property owners should consider the following factors:


PACE financing offers a compelling opportunity for property owners looking to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability without upfront costs. By understanding its benefits, eligibility criteria, and financial implications, property owners can make informed decisions to leverage PACE financing for greener and more cost-effective properties.

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