The Complete Guide to Commercial Real Estate Development and How Architects Can Drive Sustainable Design

Mastering Commercial Real Estate Development

What is Commercial Real Estate Development? 

Commercial real estate development is the process of building new commercial properties or improving existing ones.

Commercial real estate development is a complex process that involves a lot of stakeholders. From the developer to the architect, from the construction company to the city government, they all have an important role in this process.

Why does Sustainable Design matter?

We know that sustainability is a hot topic. But why? And why should it matter to you?

In the past, people didn’t care about sustainability because they didn’t have to. But now we are living in a world of limited resources where we have to take care of the planet and future generations.

How are Buildings Designed for Sustainable Development?

The benefits of sustainable building design are not only for the environment but also for the occupants. A sustainable building is a building that meets the needs of people and the planet today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Buildings should be designed to be as self-sufficient as possible – with onsite energy generation, water harvesting and recycling systems, and the use of natural light. The aim is to reduce environmental impact by reducing energy consumption, waste production and harmful emissions.

The Future of Commercial Real Estate Development in the Digital Age?

In the past, architects would design a building and then pass it on to engineers to build. Nowadays, architects are using digital tools to design buildings, and engineers are using CAD-CAM software to make sure that they can construct the building in the same way.

In the future, architects will use 3D modeling software to design buildings, and engineers will use new technologies like AI-powered robotic construction equipment to build them.